A Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for health care, also known as Advance Directives, are written documents stating your wishes as patient regarding health care decisions in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. Jefferson County Health Center will provide you with information stating your rights to make health care decisions, including the right to accept or reject medical or surgical treatment. If you already have this document, it is YOUR responsibility to present a copy to the hospital.

It is the policy of Jefferson County Health Center to honor a patient's Advance Directive provided any actions taken pursuant to such a directive are:

  • Within the scope of authority granted by the Advance Directive
  • Consistent with reasonable medical standards
  • Consistent with current Iowa Law

In the event your attending physician, health care worker or administration of Jefferson County Health Center believes, in good faith, that your Advance Directive cannot be complied with, reasonable efforts will be made to assist you in transferring to a physician or health care facility where such Advance Directive may be followed. Jefferson County Health Center does not alter the provision of care or otherwise discriminate against the individual based on whether or not they have an Advance Directive. For more information, download the Advance Directives Guide

Click here to get The Iowa State Bar Association's Declaration Relating to Life-Sustaining Procedures (Living Will) and Durable Power of Attorney For Health Care Decisions (Medical Power of Attorney).